National Company for Investment Support and Promotion


In the pavilion of the “KAZAKH INVEST” NATIONAL COMPANY at the international exhibition EXPO-2017 a seminar was held to discuss the main activities of “KAZAKH INVEST” NATIONAL COMPANY” JSC jointly with regional managers.

The Chairman of the Executive Board of the “KAZAKH INVEST NATIONAL COMPANY” JSC Maksat Kabashev:

- I remind you that in the regions were appointed proxies of the companies, who will enhance the work at the local level by timely solving all the problematic issues of investors and by creating a favorable investment climate in the regions.

On the seminar were discussed plans for effective organization of work in the regions and improvement of further work on supporting and investments raising. Interim results of the company’s activities were summed up.

For reference: The “KAZAKH INVEST” NATIONAL COMPANY organized work to support investors in the regions with the appointment of a regional manager of the Company and its deputy whose main objective is to attract foreign direct investment to the country, accompany, support of foreign investors and protection of their interests in local executive bodies of the supervised regions with entitlement to promptly raise problem issues of investors at the level of mayors of the regions. This will encourage to minimize bureaucracy in assisting investors in the field and exclude direct contact of foreign investors with local executive bodies.