27 October 2016 г.

Company information

Tikkurila is the leading company in the market of paints and varnishes in Finland, Sweden and Russia. Based in Finland, today the company operates in 16 countries.

Investment activities

Tikkurila plant for the production of paints and varnishes, water-based was put into operation in Karasai district of Almaty region in April of 2015. The brands include "TEKS" and "Leningrad ink." Capital investments in the project amounted to more than US$1 mln. The plant's capacity - more than 2 mln liters per year. In 2016, the year increased capacity by 500 000 liters. Currently, the plant produces 2.5 million liters of paint annually. Tikkurila has been a leading manufacturer in the Kazakhstan market of premium paints. After the launch of new production it intends to become the leading supplier of paints in all price segments.

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